COULORFUL Optical Keychain Screwdriver 5 Pieces with 5 Functions for Frame Nosepad Repair

  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO HANDLE: Screwdriver can be attached to your keys, wallet, bag, or purse because of its keychain composition. You will always have this handy tool with you, no matter where you go or when you may need it
  • HANDY TOOL TO REPAIR YOUR EYEGLASSES: Works like an handy tool to repair your eyeglasses, granted its compact size! For easier use it also has a textured shaft that won't slip out of your hand
  • Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal, Metal
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: It helps you fix tools, toys, eyewear, electronics and other items with smaller screws and bolts. It is the handy kit to help you repair your spectacles with ease. This is the perfect compact repair tool for any household or business
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The thoughtful design easily fits in your hand, thanks to the added grips on the handle, it won't slide off. Its textured areas help you to repair your eyeglasses and grip the screws easily with ease and comfort
  • OPTICAL KEYCHAIN SCREWDRIVER 5-IN-1: Includes 3 x Hex Nut, Flat Head, Phillips Head. It is easy to carry anywhere because of its light weight. It is made from very strong and durable metal so that it will hold up well even if you use it frequently
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Colourful Optical Keychain Screwdriver - 1 piece with 5 functions for frame nose pad repair.

- Ideal for frames, spectacles, nose pad repairs.
- Perfect for those who wear sunglasses or eyeglasses daily.
- The perfect tool for repairing eyeglasses, watches, household appliances, mobile phones, electronics, toys.

- 5 Functions per screwdriver:
Hex Nut:

Flat Head

Phillips Head:

- Specification:
115mm long

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