New Slastik Readers TAKU 005

TAKU 005
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Size 48mm 41 mm 62 mm


It is not just a pair of glasses. It is the first step towards a more comfortable life. We are the glasses that provide a hack for your daily life, so that you can be more productive. Designed so that nothing bothers you and you can focus your effort on what is important. The only glasses that completely fit your head and all your needs. So
that you can forget you are wearing them and start to focus on what is important


Double-injection flexible elastomeric Head Band
They come with a two-material band, unique on the market. It means that the glasses fit your head
perfectly, making them more comfortable and allowing them to be completely folded.
*Patented system (PCT/ES2014/000029)

Front magnet connection
Neodymium magnets with 4,800 GAUSS of power and an antioxidant, anti-sweat and anti-salt water coating.
Telescopic temple regulation system

Telescopic regulation of the temples.

This avoids the friction of the “stoper” in the walls of the adjustment cavities. These do not wear out with use while
maintaining perfect precision permanently.
*Patented system (PCT/ES2014/000074)


Soft injected material: PEBAX (Arkema). It provides the best compromise of characteristics: most versatile
processability, lightest weight, widest range of flexibility and exceptional physical properties and chemical resistance.
- Rigid injected material: PC.
- Power lenses: acrylic.


56 mm 38 mm 63 mm

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