Anti-Fog cloth 25 pcs including Display LEAD TIME 2 WEEKS

Anti Fog Cloth

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Usually ships within 24 hours

- High effect fog prevention for all lens materials, including polycarbonate
- Easy and clean direct application
- Especially suitable for multi-coated lenses
- Useable approx. up to 200 times

- Cloth Size 15 * 18cm

- Suitable for Glasses, Sunglasses, Camera,Helmet Visor, Goggles etc


Whether you are an Optician, Pharmacy, Shop, if you are looking for a High Quality Anti Fog Cloth for Retail, look no further. It can be used for all Eyeglasses, sunglasses, Cameras, Bike Helmets Visors, Safety Goggles etc.

If you are a retail store in Ireland, Uk, England, Scotland Wales, America, Canada, we can ship worldwide. Our antifog wipes are of excellent quality and you will not be dissapointed. 

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