Anti-Fog cloth 25 pcs NO DISPLAY - CLOTHS ONLY

Anti Fog Cloth

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-High effect fog prevention for all lens materials, including polycarbonate
- Easy and clean direct application
- Especially suitable for multi-coated lenses
- Useable approx. up to 200 times

- Cloth Size 15 * 18cm

- Suitable for Glasses, Sunglasses, Camera,Helmet Visor, Goggles etc


Whether you are an Optician, Pharmacy, Shop, if you are looking for a High Quality Anti Fog Cloth for Retail, look no further. It can be used for all Eyeglasses, sunglasses, Cameras, Bike Helmets Visors, Safety Goggles etc


Anti fog spray for glasses are useful but our antifog cloth will outperform any antifog you might find on Amazon.

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